Quilt Camp | My Classmates

The most wonderful part of my week at quilt camp was meeting the other talented and devoted quilters.  I may be the youngin' by about twenty years, but we had a great time, and I learned so much from these women.

Unfortunately, the only photo I have of the whole class is a little blurry, but here we all are!  
From L to R: Donna, me, Susan (teacher), Viola, Beverly, Lori, and Janet.

Beverly's bajillion squares and half square triangles were coming together to be a baby quilt.

Lori finished up the quilt top for a really large and impressive queen-sized wedding quilt.

Janet created a couple of really beautiful quilted landscapes.

Viola worked on these incredibly pristine log cabin blocks.  She put together a dozen, and has many more to go to make a queen-sized quilt!

Donna designed this very personal quilt for her sister, who is a potter.  She took photos of pieces created by her sister, and printed them out on fabric.  Down on the bottom are some photos of her sister's hands as she is throwing pots.  I love this quilt!

More tomorrow on my teacher's work - amazing quilts!  And later on this week: a finished quilt by me!



  1. They're all great, but the quilted landscape is beautiful!

  2. The suspense is building! So excited to see your quilt.


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