"Be Gentle" Mini Quilt

My dear friend Erin, who blogs at Big Girl Feats is an amazing woman that I've learned so much from. She is ambitious, fiercely moving towards her dreams, and also the type of person that stops to remind herself to take it easy on herself, to slow down.  She reminds herself to "be gentle" with herself.  And in reminding herself of that, she reminds me to be gentle with myself, too.  

That was the inspiration for this mini quilt for Erin.

This was my first try with curves - it was a little frustrating, but with a lot of ironing I think it worked out.

And it was a chance to try out some new quilting styles.  I'm getting a little tired of the same-old stipple.  It seems safer to try these new ideas out on a mini quilt, so I'm ready to tackle the big ones.

Love you, Erin!



  1. I'm sitting here, tearing up at my desk, because this is such a timely reminder for me - and SO beautiful. I can't get over how lovely it is (and you!). Love you too!!

  2. Simple words of wisdom everyone should be reminded of! This is gorgeous Carole Ann, you did a beautiful job :) .


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