More Modern Sampler Blocks

Though I've been pretty absent in this space for the past few weeks, my sewing room has been the center of a flurry of activity.  The floor is crowded with half-projects underway, and I am quilting, quilting, quilting.

Here are more of the blocks that I made for my "block a day" challenge.  Which, in keeping with my new year's resolution, didn't turn out to be so structured.  I've focused on fewer blocks, and my design has evolved.

 Block #8: Equilateral Triangles

Block #9: Confetti 

Block #10: Uneven Coins 

Block #11: Improv Log Cabin 

 Block #12: Circle, Block #13: Striped Boxes

Block #14: Paper-Pieced Hexagons

Block #15: Wonky Scrap Stripe 

Block #16: Simple String Blocks 

Here's the new plan.  The sashing is in the mail, and I can't wait to get to work on sewing it all together!


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