Monica's Quilt

I wrote a few months ago about how I came to realize during the wedding planning process that I needed to carve out the time to be in my studio - that it is essential to my process of recharging and reinvigorating myself.

So what better way to build it in to my life than to add quilting to the ginormous wedding to do list?

Sundays were my sacred day: no tea dates, grocery shopping, or even leaving the house.  Just wide open studio time, and countless episodes of Gossip Girl.

I made three quilts: two for my bridesmaids and one for our wonderful officiant.  It was such a natural way for me to express my gratitude to these wise, loving ladies who supported us all along the way.  When I give someone a quilt, it feels like I'm giving them a piece of my heart. It was the perfect way to take a step back, make space for reflection, and feel all of the love surrounding Ian and me.

Here's the first one: Monica's quilt.  

She is such a warm, optimistic, and passionate person - bright, sunny colors and patterns always make me think of her.

I had some fun with my new Angela Walters books - trying out some fun quilting patterns..loops, cobblestones, and connected boxes.

This quilt is the perfect size for curling up on the couch with a good book.

Just a simple large print on the back.

Monica is the creative genius behind Monicakes Bakery.  She was SO generous to make Monicakes as our wedding favors - a perfect and unique tasty treat for everyone!

Enjoy Monica!  I love you so much!

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