Happy House Quilt

Sometimes, I'm so excited to deliver a quilt that I completely forget to properly photograph it!

This quilt/wall hanging is for our friends Kelly and Nicole, to celebrate their recent wedding.  When Ian and I were married a few months ago, some of the most special gifts and cards we received were a play on our wedding invitation, so I wanted to do something like that for Kelly and Nicole.  

I appliqu├ęd the buds on the invitation, and added a sweet little house to celebrate that they just settled in to a lovely new home together. These colors are so them - bright, joyful, and exuberant!

Congrats, Kelly and Nicole!


  1. That's really sweet, Carole Ann. A lovely gift!

  2. I just love this, and the quilt you made with the house on it - perfect idea for new homeowners, Carole Ann. By the way, when is the meeting for the Guild (to sign up to volunteer?) Hopefully I didn't miss it.

  3. We LOVE our quilt! Thank you so much for thinking of us and taking the time to create something special.


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