Crafty Monday

Had a crazy/exciting weekend, and I didn't get done nearly what I wanted to. Luckily, I'm working super long days tues/wed, so I took the day today to get some more things done.

Steffi and E and I made dinner together this week. Eggplant ragu. Delicious! Then Steffi asked me to make her a camera case. Sooo...

A day later I gave her this. She chose the button (we call it big blue). I got to use my bias tape maker, so that was exciting. The bias tape took a lot of work, but I think it was worth it.

I also got a little hooked on the fabric flowers. Aren't they yummy? I made some for Erin and Emily who came and did a training with my AmeriCorps team last week.

I finished up that ruffly cardigan this week. Plain t-shirt transformed = so cute. I want to add ruffles to everything now. Found this tutorial at craftystylish.

Had to post a photo of my delicious button collection. At Christmas, my Grandma passed her Button Box down to me. So many generations of buttons. So many projects to make!

Of course, I couldn't completely not think about work today...I worked on my ramp box exhibit inspired by children's book illustrator Lois Ehlert. Her book Hands: Growing Up to Be an Artist is so inspiring. Yay creativity!

Busy week ahead! Mom is coming to visit so there will hopefully be tea and relaxing and lots of crafting happening.

Happy crafting!

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  1. OMG! a shout out! Carole Ann this is awesome! Even though it took me a while, I'm super glad I found your blog. Great stuff! and any of your projects would be great for NUA. Yay!


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