Feelin' Lucky

Elliott and I threw a St. Patrick's Day bash last night. It included fun stuff like crazy green outfits, lots of sb employees and customers, lucky charms marshmallow treats, a limerick contest, russian ice dancers, a pot o gold (fish), and lots and lots o beer.

One highlight of the night may have been when I was sitting next to Sam on the couch, and as he was telling me a story I was somewhat distracted by the stitching on his stylin' green blazer. Miles totally called me out on it. What can I say? I'm a craftaholic.

Today, after cleaning up aforementioned lots and lots o beer, I made this wall hanging to go next to my bed. Now I can keep my books and glasses super handy. Found the tutorial I based it on here.

There were also some baking pursuits this week that I don't really feel like talking about. And by "pursuits" I mean mishaps. And by "I" I mean myself and all of my neighbors who had to deal with multiple fire alarm incidents. I've decided to stick to what I know: pie. No more cookies for me. It's official.

Until next week, happy crafting!

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