Happy Mother's Day!

I sent Mom a package this week that included...

A fabric flower bowl from this tutorial.

And a fabric flower corsage from this tutorial. It's a lily with leaves and a carnation. It's thanks to my mom and my grandmothers that I'm so crafty!

Then today I got to work on lots of gifts for upcoming special events! Brittany's graduation and birthday gifts are complete!

In addition to the crochet needle case from last week, I made her a wallet (you know, to hold all of that money that recent college grads earn!). I improved upon the pattern so that the upper pocket goes all the way across the wallet and can hold money. I'm a little jealous...this wallet is way better than the one I'm carrying around!

And a house-warming gift for Merideth! I hope her husband Jesse won't mind that I didn't make him a matching one...I'm thinking that he'll be happy enough to benefit from all the cooking and baking this apron will hopefully inspire her to do! I love how tall this one is (it's a full fat quarter). And this is my first time using ric-rac. So cute! This will be hard to let go of... Maybe I'll make myself a matching one...

Made one other thing that I can't post up yet...have to wait for that holiday to arrive!

BUT the BIG NEWS is that Adrienne and I were accepted into the Providence Art Festival! We had a crafternoon this weekend to get crackin' on inventory and start trying to figure out all of the things that we need to do before the sale on June 13th! (So soon!) There are TONS of online resources about this kind of thing...it's a bit overwhelming. But so exciting - it will be a great learning experience and lots of fun. I'm sure I'll be posting lots about this in the weeks to come. Until then, I'll be crafting my little heart out getting ready!

(I must be feeling spunky today - there are a million exclamation points in this post!)

Happy crafting!

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