It's been nose to the grindstone, banging out inventory in the past two weeks. The art festival is coming up so soon, and I'm having fun figuring out all the details!

Started fusing plastic bags to make wallets - it takes a long time! But they look really neat. I love how they're all so different.

I'm up to almost 40 milk carton coin purses. It's hard because I have no idea of how many I'll need to bring. But my coworkers at the Museum keep bringing me cute cartons, so I just keep making purses!

The tuna can pin cushions are the only thing completely done. I finished these up tonight. So cute!

For Adrienne's birthday I made her an apron. This will be great for holding the $ during the sale. I tried to capture her taste and my style in one - got the earth tones for her, and the "connect the dots" for me.

And for Sara's birthday, I finally made her a reversible purse. With the way that the handles are different sizes and hook together, I think this will be perfect for the subway in nyc. And the fabrics are from the Country Treasures quilt shop in my hometown - I love the vintage-y cuteness.

Well, back to inventory. Happy crafting!

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