It's definitely spring here in Providence, and I am love, love, loving it. I've been out for lots of walks lately, visiting the flowers, and feeling the crafty inspiration.

My special friend brought me some very springy flowers that are on my table!

And on one of my walks, I discovered that the lilacs are out. Hands-down, my favorite smell in the world. But the quinoa salad I made smells pretty good too...

I have a list of things to make - many birthdays and special occasions coming up. One of which is next weekend, so I can't post any photos of that stuff until next week. BUT I did get a head start on a graduation present for Brittany - a case for her crochet needles. For some reason, these pinwheel-y flowers really reminded me of her.

It rolls up into a nice little pouch. I don't know much about crochet needles, so I just kind of made this one up. I hope her needles fit!

Adrienne and I also put in an application this week for the Providence Art Festival in June. We'll hear in the next couple of days if we got in...then we'll have to be crafty crazy for the next month getting things ready!

Happy crafting!

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