A new look!

Spent the majority of my free time this week/weekend getting ready and super excited for the Providence Art Festival next weekend. Come visit my table anytime between 10:30 and 5:30 on Westminster Street downtown! There will be over 100 booths of art, crafts, live local music, delicious food, craft stations for kids, and Big Nazo puppets! Wahoo! I've finished creating and preparing all of my products, and now I just need to get my display and logistics in order. I'm in good shape!

Part of getting ready for the festival also includes getting my "crafty business" in order. My business/blog have a new look thanks to Kristin from my book club! Kristin is a super talented graphic designer, and she agreed to design a logo for me in exchange for a custom made whatever-she-wanted. The logo has two versions - the banner at the top of this page, and a circular shape (below) that I'll use for my business cards and hopefully a rubber stamp to stamp all my packaging. She had so many fun designs for me to choose from, but this the circular one is reminiscent of my "signature earrings" (as Scott & Britni told me). I got the business cards printed yesterday, and they look great!

In exchange for this fabulous logo, Kristin wanted an apron. This is my first full-apron from scratch, and it's reversible! I got the super fancy fabric from Country Treasures back in Vermont - I think she's going to love the orange. And I made two bonus matching hot pads! Can't wait to deliver them at book club tomorrow!

Thinking about the Art Festival so much and pumping out lots and lots of the same four things has left me feeling ridiculously un-creative. I had to make something different. Ian needed some coasters to use on his lovely new coffee table (which he still hasn't paid me for...), so I used the old jeans that he donated to my crafty-cause to make him some very masculine coasters. They're all different! Fancy stitches! OooOOoo!

Used the same pair of pants to fashion myself a "Connect the Dots" money apron for the Art Festival. Adrienne and I will kind of match - but we each have an apron that's our own style!

Hopefully no more crafting for me this week - I need a bit of a break. Just logistics, and having a great time at the festival!

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