Happy Birthday, Britni!

Today is my soon-to-be-sister-in-law's birthday! Britni, I'll send this to you in the mail as soon as I can! Something for your new apartment...

Inspired by the reaction to our use of recycled materials last weekend, I'm getting more and more into reusing and repurposing things. I made this framed piece from a my junk mail - but I think it looks colorful and classy. Check out the tutorial at Apartment Therapy.

This afternoon I'm headed to Ian's friend's wedding here in Providence. I made this cute apron for the bride...I hear she loves to bake.

Also reversible. It's all about the details. Of course I had to throw in something for the groom. Ian insisted that he would never wear an apron (even a super manly one). So I got him a book about grilling.

And I still have Kristin's apron waiting to be picked up. I've decided to package all of my things like this - brown paper wrapped in a piece of selvage. And a business card (from the few I have left!). I think it's very clean looking.

Looking forward to resting this weekend, but I just know I'll end up sewing something. Happy crafting!

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