Providence Art Festival!

Adrienne and I had an awesome time at the Providence Art Festival yesterday. We were so lucky that the weather held out - so many people were there!

Our booth setup was just like we planned, and her landlord's suitcases were such a funky/fun way to display our work. So many people asked us about the suitcases alone! Shown here are the hottest items of the day - the milk carton coin purses, fused plastic bag wallets, and the plastic bottle flowers. I was surprised how the kids were so taken by the tuna can pin cushions.

Adrienne's silverware jewelry was also a big hit. She even has pre-orders for more!

Everyone loved checking out her tie skirts. So many people said "Oh man, I have so many ties I need to get rid of..." We happily take donations!

The whole street was full of amazing artists and crafters. We were lucky to have a chance to each take a break to check it all out!

Like any good Providence festival, this one had a Big Nazo parade. So fun!

My Dad was trying to get photos of our booth, but there were too many people! (Hooray!) At one point, someone walked in and said "This must be the best one...it has the most people!" My friend yelled from the back of the crowd "It is!!" Woot woot! Up until the fair, only our friends had seen our work, so this was really validating.

I'm laughing because he finally got one where you can see me. Plus I was just so excited. All. Day.

My boss came by, and lots of other people from the Museum and Adrienne's work (AS220). Lots of friends too!

At the end of the day, we were pretty happy with ourselves. For our first time selling our stuff, it went great. We got such a great response to our recycled materials, and people were sharing stories about things they make out of junk or asking for our advice about how to reuse things. If we had a nickel for every time someone said "Isn't that clever" while checking out our stuff! We even got a few business cards from galleries and online shops that want to sell our stuff. Cool! We were just so happy...

...and exhausted. It was an interesting experience to be making stuff not just for the process, but the product, and to be playing the "salesman" for our art. It's so different from our regular quiet crafternoons at my house, and creating just to learn. That being said, I'd definitely do it again!

So, after one day "off", I'll be back to crafting as usual!

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