New Urban Arts Opening Recap

Now that the holiday is over, updates, updates!

Had a fabulous time at the opening at New Urban Arts! The whole day kind of made me feel like I was seven again, and it was my birthday - at work everyone kept coming up to me and asking "Are you excited? It's your big day!" SO MANY people came from the Museum, from book club, from my life to check out the show and the wonderful new community that I'm a part of. When it was all over, I got home feeling so overwhelmed that I collapsed on the couch and 7:30pm and proceeded to sleep for 12 hours. Again, I felt like a seven year old coming down after an awesome birthday party. I can't remember the last time that I felt that way.

All of the artist mentors wore these corsages that my students and I made. We busted them out assembly-style and they looked great!

The award that NUA received was called "Coming Up Taller." So everyone was invited to mark their height in the studio, and we all got stickers that said "I'm Taller!"

So many wonderful women from our women-who-work-in-non-profits-focusing-on-art-education-and-community profesh development book club. All this time, and we still haven't found a better name for it!

And of course, my partner in crime, Adj. In all of the excitement and warm fuzzy feelings, I completely forgot to take photos of my display. Ooops!

The weekend was full of craftiness as well - Adj stumbled upon this old set of silver. (And by stumbled upon, I mean that it's been in the back seat of Ian's car for longer than we've been dating...) She was excited and inspired by the wooden handles. Can't wait to see what comes out of this set!

I finished up some more inventory (see how patient I'm being...hmm??) - lots of wonderful wallets made from my favorite vintage fabrics and buttons from grandma's button box!

And on Sunday I had two craft dates. Erica has been wanting to come down from Boston to craft together for a while now. She brought a big, wonderful box of braided rug supplies from her grandmother's attic, and started her own rug for her house.

And Liz came over to try out these beautiful chandeliers that we've been dying to make with some leftover office supplies!

Keep on the lookout for a new Recycled Project Tutorial this week! Carole Ann


  1. Look! That's me! Making a rug!
    Love the chandeliers too!

  2. Yay Bookclub! Carole Ann - you must send that picture out through the email - it would make for a great holiday-book-club-email-like-card! haha :) E

  3. Good thing I just looked at this post!! I love it! :)

    And I just linked to your blog on mine. Yay blogging!


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