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Susan demonstrating quilt basting

Here's a peek at some work by my teacher, Susan Damone Balch, whose quilts are "inspired by a life-long passion for fly fishing, a meditative sport that provides a powerful connection to the natural world and an abundance of wonderful imagery."

Though she said that she's come to be known as the "fish lady," she has truly found a way to combine her two seemingly disparate passions - fishing and quilting.  (Her website is even called www.fishnquilt.com!)  I admire her work so much - both the fact that she connects her interests through her pieces (as you know, I'm all about making connections), and her incredible skills and technique.

She guided me though a lot of learning last week, and I'm excited to now have a quilting mentor.  

Here is just a sampling of some of her pieces:

Fantasy Fish

Japanese Sunset

Home from the Sea

Check out Susan's website to see more of her work.


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