My Wedding Quilt

Quilts are at the heart of it all for me.  They represent so many things - comfort, love, family, tradition, creativity, self-expression, joy, and coziness.

So naturally quilts had to have a role in my wedding.

I already posted the quilts that I created to thank my wedding party.  But there was another significant quilt that was part of the big wedding planning process: my own wedding quilt.

A fellow member of my quilt guild shared at a guild meeting that she made a quilt guest book for her daughter's wedding, and I filed this away in my "must do" ideas long before Ian and I were engaged.

Our guests wrote on pre-cut fabric squares backed in freezer paper (for stabilization) with fabric pens.  Some wrote sweet notes, some wrote silly sayings, and some drew adorable scenes for us.  Then they displayed them on clothesline for everyone to admire.

It was so fun to read them all once we got home, and to start thinking about how we would lay them out!  I used a program called Threadbias to envision some possibilities...

And once we decided on a design, it didn't take long to piece it together.

The quilt is traveling now to a few homes of loved ones who couldn't make it to the wedding, or were so busy dancing and chatting that they didn't make it over to the guest book.  In the meantime, I'll work on the back and hopefully have it ready to cozy up our bed before the winter!


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  1. I love this idea, Carole Ann. And i love the quilts you made for your attendees :-)


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